10 Reasons to visit us at O'Brien Healthcare

  • “University-trained medical professionals who understand your medical condition and work closely with your doctor.”
    1. Expertise
  • “We provide you with the highest quality care each and every time you engage in one of our services and pride ourselves on providing you with the latest evidence based information to assist you with meeting your goals.”
    2. Quality
  • “You have the guarantee of seeing the same specialised medical professional at each appointment to answer any question you may have and provide you with the necessary support you require.”
    3. Continuity
  • “We work from our practice on Sheridan Street, Cairns but we also offer the services of mobile visits for suitable clients or the ability to teleconference, making it easy for you to access us.”
    5. Convenience
  • “We understand and we care. Conquering the challenges and achieving your goals is easier with tailored programs, close monitoring and continuous support.”
    6. Caring Support
  • “We don’t do “one size fits all” as everyone is very individual in the support and services they require.”
    7. Personalised
  • “We educate you on diabetes through the expertise of our Credentialled Diabetes Educator but also on how your diet affects various medical conditions or affects your weight. We show you how to in still positive healthy habits for ‘life’!”
    8. Engaging
  • “We are accredited with Medicare, DVA, Work Cover and some private health institutions. We can even do Medicare rebates on the spot.”
    9. Rebates
  • “Our advice is easy to adhere to and we help you achieve the results you want! We make you your own ‘expert’ in your care!”
    10. Proven Success
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