Diabetes Education

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Shireen O'Brien


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May, 2014


Diabetes Managment, Nursing, Education

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Diabetes education is an area of specialty that focuses on precise interventions for each individual whom is in need of diabetes management and care. Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) have been recognised by Medicare Australia, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Work Cover and private medical insurers as the appropriately qualified providers of diabetes education.

Diabetes education allows people living with diabetes to gain knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to effectively manage their own condition. 
CDEs assist people with diabetes and their family or carers to gain an understanding of the big picture and link up the benefits of positive lifestyle choices and treatment options. They interact with the person with diabetes and other members of the Allied Health Care Team to achieve mutually agreed clinical targets, improved health and wellbeing.

Diabetes education will support you to:
• Adapt lifestyle
• Explore treatment and management options
• Transition from oral therapy to insulin therapy if required
• Understand how your medications work and why they are so importan.
• Teach you self-monitoring of blood glucose and how to interpret and apply the results to improve your Diabetes management
•Assist in preventing and managing acute and chronic Diabetes complications
• Fertility preparation
• Assist in hypo and hyperglycemia management
• Sick day management
• Understand travel and Diabetes
•Adapting to and reconciling the demands of diabetes with the demands of employment, family, social responsibilities and community involvement
Help you to be in control of YOUR Diabetes.

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