Our History

Started from the boot of a car to where we are now.

Beginning to Now

S & S Medical/Marketing was established in 2005 and initially offered specialised contract nursing services, with a marketing element.

Shireen O'Brien, together with her husband Steve then developed the company further and realised they shared a vision to delve into the area of private diabetes education.

Shireen completed a post graduate degree in diabetes education at the University in Western Australia and then in 2006 started her very own full time “mobile diabetes education” service to the Cairns region.

The mobile diabetes education service had no goverment support or funding and Shireen would travel up to and over 1000km per week to see clients in the comfort of their own home. Her passion to succeed was her point of difference.

Subsequently Shireen was recognised throughout the Far North Queensland for her execellent service and she grew to soon open a small office on Mulgrave Road under the name of O'Brien Healthcare. There she stayed for over a year.

At the end of  2010 O'Brien Healthcare further developed and Shireen was blessed with an opportunity to open her very own practice at Suite 3 /320 Sheridan Street Cairns QLD.

Shireen O'Brien has been dedicated to providing quality and continuity to both newly diagnosed and pre-existing people with diabetes in the community.

As mentioned O’BRIEN HEALTHCARE (Company) have had no funding of any sort and have survived only through the support of the local GPs and sheer passion and dedication. They have now paved the way for future business models in diabetes education and are pleased to say they have sought the added expertise of an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and a Credentialled Mental Health Nurse; all of which make a great team to support the community in future.

O'Brien Healthcare would like to thank the local community and Doctors for their support and accept donations gratefully.

We would love to have you come and visit us.

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